Corporate statement

Cyberonics, Inc., is committed to supporting educational and charitable endeavors that are consistent with the Company’s mission to advance device-based solutions that improve the lives of people with epilepsy and their families. Examples of activities that would be considered appropriate are those that serve a genuine educational or public health function, that benefit society, or that demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Cyberonics is also committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as our Business Practice Standards and policies. To view the Cyberonics Business Practice Standards, including the sections related to grants and donations, go to Corporate compliance and select "Business Practice Standards." The criteria governing the award of Cyberonics’ grants and donations are intended to ensure that support for activities is never tied to the past or future use of our VNS Therapy.

Educational grants

Cyberonics supports educational grants under four distinct categories

Charitable grants

Cyberonics makes charitable contributions

Investigator-initiated study grants

Cyberonics supports a range of research endeavors

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